Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Oh that khaki

It's nearly that time again, forget the weather but the fashion
...long coasts... layers upon layers.. knee high boots.. dark lippys and even darker monochrome outfits.

Fall /winter months are my absolute favourite fashion months. 
I feel like I can have more fun with my wardrobe and play around with more styles.
 On the topic of winter styles, I've discovered a new favourite colour to wear and that colour is khaki, and what better opportunity to rock this colour than for my good friends graduation. 
What originally brought this colour to my attention was in this blog post from Fashion SOS POST and ever since I've L O V E D it,  what better colour to wear while we transition to fall. Khaki is such a warm tone colour yet so versatile.  I can see myself  wearing this colour through out winter and even when summer comes back around.

The bomber jacket I'm wearing is from Manic and it became famous when a certain Jenner was seen wearing it (kyile). Here is a couple of sites you can buy it from:
My jeans are from New Look, my top I'm not sure exactly where I got it from but heres a couple of sites where you can get a similar one:
and I saved the best for last, my shoes. My shoe game is brought to you by public desire. Public Desire . Thank you to my friend, who showed  me this site and after doing some research on the site and giving it a try, I have to say Im SO happy. Affordable shoes of all variety all in one place and delivery time was a week, I'm wearing the sarayah peep toe boots in black.  These boots are super comfy and exactly what I've been craving.

On a side note I reached over 2000 readers this week, Thank you so much to everybody for there support !!!! xoxo 

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