Sunday, 5 November 2017

Thus Far

27/10/1993. Just a small town girl.

Friday the 27th October was my birthday as you would know from my pervious post (CLICK HERE)

Birthday's are for reflecting and counting your blessing. 


When I look back at the year to this point, especially the last few months leading up to my birthday I feel like God has really opened my eyes and I've not only learned so much but I have been reassured about things I had begun to doubt.

There are 4 points really stick out to me.

    1. Don’t be afraid of losing someone but be afraid of losing yourself because of someone 

I’m the kind of person that give people one too many chances, I always seem to fail to walk away from situation or relationship even if it is not benefiting me. I fight for the people I care about even if there not fighting for themselves.  

That’s good and all but you gotta be able to say enough is enough when it is truly enough.

We truly do teach people how to treat us.

Excuses/explanation or “that’s just the way I am"  can no longer be the mantra.
With some people, you gotta let go and let God. 

   2. Respect, Communication, and Consistency. 

Everybody has that thing or things they cant compromise on i.e standards.

I can’t and won’t give you any of my time if you can’t provide the above.  These are the terms and conditions of all any of my relationships.

Where you find all three you find growth, hope, and comfort.

   3. Sooner or later it’ll turn in my favor 

As many of you may now I get really bad anxiety and no matter how many times I have that conversation with my self ( the "everything’s going to be ok" talk) it still creeps up on me.
But in all honesty, 9/10 times things work out. 
I don’t know when and I don’t know how but everything will and does work out. 

Let go and let God 

   4. It’s never too to make a change. 

Sometimes we get lost and loose our selves for a minute or two. But when you feel like your falling apart it’s never to let too late to put it all back together.
Sometimes you might need to take a step back and sometimes you might need a helping hand. 

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