Saturday, 21 October 2017

We're not Friends

Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love -Elie Wiesel

Ever wonder why people get so offend when they ask you the question 'are you friend with xyz ' or is 'xyz your friend' and you answer honestly 'no'?

It's possible to be friendly but not be friends 

Answer me this, what does friendship mean to you?

To me a friend is a person or people that I can rely on day or night someone or people I can turn to and I know without any question or doubt where their loyalty lie. 

It's a person or people that I feel the most myself around, we don't have to talk everyday, doesn't even need to be every week but when they phone call or text happens it like time stood still,  It's a person or people that you need not want, that makes you feel safe, satisfied and seen.

Friends are the family you choose
A friend is a person or people that not only accept you as your true self but they push you to accept your self, they are always present not necessary geographically.

                                                            As you grow so should your circle

Been very protective of your space and who you allow into it is nothing you should feel guilty about, you become more like the person or people you spend the most time with.

It's not about who you've know the longest but who stood by you

You are deserving of the the joy you create, the love you give and the kindness you share, if at any point you feel like you are not getting this its time to squelch that relationship.

***disclaimer, not all my friends were featured in this post ***

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