Thursday, 12 October 2017

The perfect package

I know most people use their phone to tell time, but there's something very romantic and beautiful about timepiece  - Padma Lakshm

Did you miss my unboxing of this watch last week on my snap? (scribblerxox)

Well if you did you missed me 100% falling head over heels, gushing about how much I love this watch.

You may remember but I have collaborated with the talented people at Jord watch previous on my blog before (pervious post 'watch out') and I have to say nothing has changed. Their product is still as unique, well crafted and creative as the first piece I received.

However ever I did notice the packaging has changed and I love it!

(magnetic close lid and a cabinet that holds care packages on how to maintain the watch )

I also noticed that along with the standard toolkit that you would receive with most watch (extra links, surface cloth cleaner and a manual on how to operate and maintain the watch )  it came with a preserve cleaning oil which helps to clean, care and conditions for the wooden watch and also 1 pack of Boveda humidity pack ("the biggest enemy of wood is sudden changes in temperature and humidity")

"Humidity control is.. important, too much and the wood will absorb the water and swell, too little and it will dry out ... swelling increases the possibility of cracking  "

I love a brand that is always developing and creating a new way to marketing themselves.

I'm a big fan of big face watch despite being told that is not "girly" my view hasn't changed I just seem to levitate towards this style.

My exact watch  Frankie Koh and ash

With that said I fell like with Jord watch, they have managed to a create an array of styles of watch regardless of what section you go on the website the majority the watches are unisex so you get the best of both and all the worlds.

Jord watches are continuous expanding there collection coming up with new and creative pieces and I can't wait to see what other surprises they have installed for us.

A watch as creative and as unique as me, that was my opinion then and it has changed till this day. #jordwatches #woodwatch

link to men's shop:

link to women shop:

If you would fancy a chance on winning 100$ gift code and a 25$ off for everyone who enters (excluding the winner), your in luck cause I'm holding a giveaway with Jord Watch.

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The giveaway will close November 5, 2017 at 11:59pm. Both the $100 and the $25 codes will expire on December 10, 2017

Best of luck 
B x

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