Saturday, 5 November 2016

To Milan and back

Milan for the weekend? why not, it is my birthday after all 

So you know that wonderful older sister of mine that has been mentioned on my blog several times now? well she surprised me with a weekend away to Milan for my birthday, which was Thursday the 27th of October. 

Now if I haven't said this before let me say it now I have the best older sister ever!.  

We packed  a week of fun into three days and I'm still in recovery mode. It was a weekend to remember.

It was such an important trip to me as this was not only the first sister-sister trip we've EVER taken together but it was the first time in YEARS we've gotten to celebrate my birthday together.

What a weekend it was literally got no sleep in 38hour, all round adventure and enjoying the night life of Milan, didn't get to take that many pictures cause I was living in the moment and just amazed by everything, however, I took loads of snaps  ( sc: scriblerxox)  ;)

From dinner at the quirkiest authentic restaurants in Milan like Piz Milano to exploring the nightlife in places like TOM and The rocket  and of course going to famous tourist stops. (travel diary post coming soon)

It was back to back entertainment and we didn't forget to do some shopping.

Saturday night was the highlight of my weekend and this outfit was my favorite look from the whole trip, We dolled ourselves up and we partied till 6 in the morning. Italians know how to host a party!.

Dress :


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Exact: Esqido

Dress :

Exact: rarelondon (sold out)

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Part two of my holiday post will be up during the week to make sure you don't miss it make sure you stay connected. 

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  1. Belated yet most sincere happy birthday hun! So sorry that I missed it! I am really glad to read you had such a great time with your sister, in Milan, a magical place! I love your looks and can;t wait to see the next post!
    Kisses and have a great day!

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