Monday, 24 October 2016

Good Hair

" God made no mistake when he made us black with kinky hair, you must remove the kinks from your mind and not your hair "
-Marcus Garvey

Happy Monday, even though this post has been ready since last week I'm only finding  time now to put it up, such a busy weekend.

I was  watching a youtube video by @AllysImperial where she had a young beautiful girl named Hannah Amedu who has Alopecia  and she was raising awareness about the diseases. For those who don't know alopecia is an autoimmune disease in which hair is lost partial or complete from the body. Her story is beautiful and I recommend everyone to take a few minutes to hear what she had to say.( Click for full video

Hearing her story and seeing how courageous she was to come on camera with no wig embracing herself not letting her circumstances define her resonated with me so deeply. 

In the African community, hair has always been a standard of beauty and value. Growing up I remember my mom relaxing my hair Sunday nights to make it more "presentable" and "clean" for school in the morning and growing up this was the norm.

A couple of weeks ago I had just taken off my weave cause I was having horrible migraines and I just needed a break. I was off work for 3 days and I remember on the night before I had to go back into work my migraines hadn't gotten any better. I found myself trying to convince myself that if I go to work with my natural hair it would be ok, no one would say anything it wouldn't be a "big deal", lo and behold nobody cared, the earth kept spinning, in fact, they preferred me weave-less I got loads of compliments. What's the point of that story you ask?, well the point was, I had to convince myself. I had to convince myself that my natural hair, my God given hair was acceptable to "rock" to work. 

Many people like me were brought up to believe that our natural frizzy, kinky, nappy, gravity defining whatever you want to call it hair needs to be masked and strengthen and pressed before we leave the house in order to make our self more "presentable".

Now it's not our parents' fault they were just trying to make our hair good or at least what was presented to be the measure of good hair. Good hair refers to straight non-kinky hair, it's hair that flows effortless in the wind and falls graciously on your shoulder.

Over the recent years, there has been a huge surge of people from around the world going "natural", throwing away products used to chemically strengthen hair, embracing the texture of their hair and more and more awareness is been made available on how to maintain, care and style it. The natural hair movement.

I'm not saying throw your relaxer away and do the big chop or stop wearing weaves and units cause part of what I love about my culture it the ability for me to switch up and change my hairstyle at the drop of a dime but the real message is, don't be shy or afraid, intimidated or mislead to think you are not beautiful in your on light #love the skin YOU'RE in.

Whatever way you want to wear your hair, whether relaxed, natural, long, short however you want just always be true to you.

"If you have no confident in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life "
-Marcus Garvey

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  1. Hey hun, that story is really heart felt and it does hit the core. Growing up, I rocked my natural hair till I was 17. As soon as I left high school, I decided to relax my hair and its been a struggling battle not until now that I have fpound a balance of maintaining healthy relaxed hair. I have nothing against natural hair and I even envy people who have beautiful natural hair. Personally I just love wearing wigs and easy maintenance relaxed hair. But either way, Its important to take care of your own grown hair weather natural or relaxed.x

    Have a good day.


    1. Im so happy you could relate to the message of this post and I agree above anything else taking care of your hair is super important.

  2. I think black women look absolutely lovely with their natural hairstyle. There is something so pretty in that look. My natural hair is so damn flat I hate it, I can't even have low curls for 2 minutes and I'd give anything to have strong curls, but it's impossible. I think black women should embrace their natural beauty and hair more, fuck what society says, you are pure perfection.

    1. thank you sweetie your comment made my day I totally agree with everything you said, your such a sweet heart.
      thank you xox


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