Saturday, 13 February 2016

Last minute plans

I work well under pressure

Although I try my best to plan ahead but if worst comes to worst  I'm always somewhat prepared.
A last minute Valentines day look whatever you may have planned. A few changes in some minor details and you have a new look. That can work for you particular situation.

Now I know many of us try to stay away from wearing wide leg trouser and once upon a time I felt like that too, but there are so many advantages to this style.
They elongate your legs, gives the illusion of a tinier waist, corrects body types and proportions and most of all helps you to stand out and thats what its all about. Never get dressed to fit in, dress up to stand out.

So come on guys take a risk believe in you slay, you might just surprise your self.

Both my top and trouser are from motive.

similar bottom and top 

Clutch was a present from my mom
similar ones
 shoes are from penny's

Have a happy Valentines day whatever you doing do it well and be safe



  1. Great post babe! x

  2. wooooooow, what an amazing outfit! Absolutely love the white on you!

    xx Sarah-Allegra

  3. Aw this all white look is adorable on you! I have been so into all white recently and I must say I am obsessed with it. I like how you went with high waisted trousers along with a tied crop top. It shows the right amount of skin to keep it elegant. Also, your hair is so cute! Loving the length.

  4. thank hun, white is my go to colour it never fails and thanks I was super scared to go short with my hair lol. x


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