Sunday, 21 February 2016

keeping it simple

Nothing can ever beat black on black.

With the weather been the way it is outside its so easy to not want to make an effort when it comes to what to wear cause the only thing on your mind is keeping warm. But the joys of monochrome is the effortless way it can be put together.
Getting dress doesn't get any more casual than this for me. (unless it exam period then everything is just a mess).
I remember one of my friends telling me once that during the cold you keep warmer by wearing tight vs wearing trouser well don't ask me the science behind it, cause it works now take into consideration you need to wear tick tight not just any sheer tights but it truly does work.

about my look

My turtle-neck is from pennys. It goes without saying turtle necks took over two years ago and they are here to stay, they're the perfect thing to wear when you don't feel like wearing anything at all specially when you want to stay stylish during the cold days. men or women turtle-neck are our friend and we need to embrace them.

I paired it with this black leather skirt from newlook one of my favourite short skirt it compliment me and makes my legs look longer.

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Now incredible my boots where only €9. I somehow stubbled into pennys one day during the christmas period and they were on sales from €21, safe to say it was a done deal.
I love the gold zipper detailing at both side of the boots but what really drew me to these boots is the fact that they are pointed. My current favourite thing is pointed heel and or boots.


Ok guys thats it hope you enjoyed the post I'll see you's in the next one



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  2. Wow this is casual for you? You are dressed to the nines every day then! You wouldn't want to see me on my casual days heheh


    1. lol thank you so much .. trust me I have my days you wouldn't even be able to recognizes me lol

  3. What a beautiful look! Love it!

    xx Sarah-Allegra

    1. Thank you so much .. I'm head over heels about your blog love it so much x

  4. Looking amazing! Great post babe x

  5. Loving that leather mini girl!!
    Much love x



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