Monday, 26 October 2015

Its my birthday: part 1 ( the Girlieos )

I'm lucky to be able to celebrate two birthdays.

My birthday aways falls on a holiday week the 27th of October and usually nobody is around or everyone is busy with work.
So I celebrate my birthday on the week before the mid term break with all my friends and then on my actually birthday. I usually go out for dinner with my boyfriend  (I'm kind of a restaurant junky, I love trying new places out).
This year like every year I did something laid back with my close friends
It was great night, I have the most amazing friends.

Outfit of the night. This denim shirt is a must have in any girls wardrobe its so versatile, it literally can go with almost any outfit either day or night. The one I'm wearing is from Penny's beginning of summer. 

similar ones 

I got my skirt from zara and I bought it two maybe three summers ago another great investment cause every since I bought it I haven't been able to put it down.
similar ones

This black mid coat is from Vera Moda it was a present I got two summers ago. I was able to find similar ones


Now random pics from the night 


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