Saturday, 31 December 2016

I got you covered

While we are still in the season of giving. In collaboration with @

Nothing beats originality. When I got a chance to designed my very own customized phone case I jumped at the chance and ever since people have been asking me where did I get it from and where can they get it.

So let me tell you all the dets. and how you can be in with a chance of winning and designing your very own phone or laptop case too. 

The company is called CaseApp and their website is It's a site where you can create your very own custom iPhone or Samsung cases along with Macbook, iPad, iPhone, and Samsung skin.

The site easy to navigate on and when your in the process of designing your case it gives you a sample idea of what it may look like and gives you suggestion on things you may need to change in order for you to have the best quality during the printing stage.

You can draw inspiration from their site and even their

Instagram page @  and if your still stuck for ideas their site has loads of ready to order skins and cases for you to choose from and all for a very low low price.

My overall experience with this company from their customer service to the product has been great. when my case arrived within less than a week of places the order I was surprised to how detail everything was, the flowers and even my blog header especially the silhouette was crisp and clear.

I've been using this case now for over a month and the quality of the design and the case its self-has not changed everything is in mint condition. 

!! Now you can get one for free !! 

G I V E A W A Y 💫

In order for you to be in with a chance to get a FREE from this site just follow the instructions below.

Cause 2016 has been a roller coaster of a yr and 20 17 is right around the corner in order to be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is follow me on my Instagram and tell me on my Instagram under this blog post (you won't miss it I will leave a comment in the comment section of what my favorite parts of this year waswhat your favorite part(s) of this year was it doesn't have to be long and you don't have to say why.

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Also as this would my last post of the year Happy new year, check out my Instagram for my tribute to the year 20 16.

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