Sunday, 20 March 2016

The Wait

I've never been really good at waiting. As patient  as I am, I'm not patient with my self. I always want things there and then. I'm what you would call the classic over thinker/worrier.

Ever feel like the world is spinning around too fast and your just standing there trying to breath and figure things out. Nobody really tells you how difficult it can be, transitioning from a teenager into an adult and it happens that quickly you literally go from having a low enough care level to all of a sudden having to get a career or job,  moving out , bills and more bill, having a stable and manageable social life that doesn't conflict with your personal life, religious life, work life, academic life, life life oh and be or working towards being in a relationship (cause you know wedding bells need to start ringing)

It's easy to feel over whelmed, like you'r not doing it wrong or you'r not going to get there or your just not going at the right speed.

Someone once told me "theres a beauty in the struggle" which means all the pain and moments when you feel like giving up and calling it a day theres a certain kind of beauty in it cause when you do (cause you will) eventually get there where ever there is to you, you are going to look back and know it was all worth it.

Theres a ripping and harvesting time and right know its the time to dig your heels in and sow your seeds (country girl in me is coming out lol)  you're only going to reap what you sow. Depending on what you sow it might take longer for it to bring result everyones time is different. No matter what anybody is doing now just know all your late nights sweat and tears is going to make a beautiful chapter in the autobiography of your life.

Enjoy the journey no matter how bumpy it is. We all fall down but never forget to get up, as long as you breathing you can have all that you want. So what if it takes you a couple of years.

The key is not to find shelter in the rain but to learn to dance in it - BBDasaolu

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Maira Gall