Monday, 21 December 2015

Backless is always a good idea.

Saturday night was a very well needed girls night.

To celebrate one of my close friends birthday, we had a girls night. Which began  with dinner  in a cute little restaurant in temple bar, Dublin called luigi malones and ended with us dancing all night.

The jumpsuit I'm wearing is from  forever21 (sold out ). I usually stay clear of wearing jumpsuit just because I feel like they would exaggerate features I rater not call attention to but the fit and flare of this jumpsuit, its concealed back zipper AND crisscross open-back detail was something I couldn't resist.

Unfortunately this exact jumpsuit is no longer available but I was able to find similar jumpsuit

My neck piece is an Aldo original  the "GASKELL", the very last of their Chucky series that is still available in stores in Ireland. I originally went into the store to buy the "TELILIA" ( the green emerald piece ) but it was sold however I'm very happy with this piece. Like all of the other neck piece they had, this necklace is a statement piece and is detailed to the T, it is eye-catching and ties the whole outfit together.
These's pictures does not give the necklace the justice it deservers this necklace is all that and more I'm absolutely in love with it.

I picked up my jacket from Manic anyone that lives in Ireland will be familiar with this stores.

And finally my heels, which at this point needs no introduction these heels are my personal weakness. There is nothing like a pair of nude heels. The power of transformation they have is like no other, they give a basic outfit that 'extra' it needs. But with that said these heels are for walking from the car to the table, standing and looking cute and back nothing more nothing less. I learnt that the had way Saturday night, on a scale of 1- 100 for comfort its a 4 but they are a pair of  the heels that are essentials in any girls wardrobe.


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